Come to Türkiye Lavender Manor and have a romantic purple experience.

2 months ago

Türkiye, which has become a hot new travel destination in the past two years, always leaves such an impression in their minds: hot air balloons, Pamukkale, paragliders, coastal roads, Turkish barbecue... Even Napoleon once praise Türkiye " If there is only one capital in the world, it must be Istanbul." The best tourist seasons in Türkiye are April-May and September-October each year. If you choose to come to Türkiye in April, in addition to visiting various popular attractions, another highlight that cannot be missed is to see the city in a sea of ​​blooming flowers!

If you come from April to May, don't miss the annual Istanbul International Tulip Festival,

Tulips of different colors poured into the streets and alleys overwhelmingly, and at a glance, the city was gorgeous, and the whole city was submerged in the sea of ​​tulips.

The most stunning scenery of the International Tulip Festival every year is in Emirgang Park, where nearly 270 species and more than 16 million tulips of various colors are planted.

If you come to Isparta between June and July, you have the opportunity to unlock the endless lavender fields and blooming roses in this small town, and Isparta is also known as the "Town of Rose". June is the blooming season of Damascus roses. If you are interested in experiencing the life of the farmers, you can get up at five in the morning and watch the farmers bring their children to pick the whole Damascus rose full of morning dew and use it to make the best. Process of rose water and essential oils.

You can also experience the rose from picking to processing, feel the ancient craftsmanship passed down by local residents for hundreds of years, and witness the whole process of rose petals to extract essential oils. The whole flower factory is filled with a strong fragrance of roses. In addition to the romantic rose manor, Isparta is actually a Turkish version of "Provence". Being in the endless purple lavender field is like crossing into a fairy tale world.

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